Mini lathe - bearings change

I have a mini lathe for some time. After several years of its runnig the necessity of bearing chage becomes.

demontáž vretena

Disassembly of the machine is quite simple. But to remove the headstock requires to disassembly almost whole lathe. From the front side it is necessary to remove control box with electronics and the leadscrew. From the backside remove coverings and electric motor. Now is possible to loosen and remove four screws which are holding headstock on the bed. For removing (and later for installing) of the spindle I used make-do press:


When removing the spindle, it is good to realize, that the gear wheels are secured at the spindle by the key. So it is necessary to remove the spindle with the front bearing. Remove the gear, remove the key and at final pull off the bearing.


There was 6206 ball bearing originally. I decide to replace them using 7206 ball bearing with angular contact, which are better for axial load. I installed the bearings against each other due to setup of looseness. For pressing the bearings on to the spindle I used inner ring from old bearing, which was grinded to be loose on the spindle.


Pressing of the new bearings at extemporal press:


The measure of well pressed parts is the mortice for the gear at the end of spindle.

Right measure