Mini lathe - Tailstock camlock

Tailstock loking by screw and nut is tiring. It was necessary to change it. There are number of modofications on the internet for inspiration. My variant has lever behind the tailstock. Due to this the body of the tailstock was drilled through. Brass bushing fixed by underlay and nut keeps the shaft with the cam.

The shaft with the cam is turned from the 16 mm diameter steel rod. Shaft has diameter 10 mm.

Configuration of the shaft in the bushing with the underlay and nut.   About off-center turning I write in the extra article

Locking plate is made from the 10mm steel sheet. There is mortise on the top of the plate, which leads the plate in the body. The plate is locking by the bolt which is pulled by the cam to which is connected by the link.

At design time I didn't pay attention to measurment and the result was, that the locking plate with the fixing nut was bigger than opening in the body.

It was necessary to partialy embed the nut into the locking plate.

Bushing in the tailstock body. There is mortise on the end of the shaft, which keeps the shaft in position and serves to transmission of the lever.

The lever on the shaft.

Nut allows to set the force of locking. Range of lever way is about 100 degrees.