Small grinding machine

I try to make a small belt grinder from some odds and ends in my workshop. I had an electric engine from old spin-drier, iron square rod 12 x 12 mm, some pieces of rods 8mm and 12mm diameter, bearings from in-line skates and piece of wood.


There is M8 thread on the end of engine spindle, which I use to connect propulsive barrel.


I used my mini-lathe for turning the propulsive spindle and drilling hole for the M8 thread. Spindle is made from 12mm rod.


Spindle for the second barrel is from 8mm rod. There is shank on the ends of the spindle which fits into the holders. Holders can be individualy set to center the running belt.


Propulsive spindle is pressed into the barrel. Setting of holders is done using screws.


Welded frame with reinforcement which keeps barels in paralel position even when the belt is tightened.


I used piece of Kartit (pertinax) for the contact table. The table is removeable. Grinder can be used with or without the table.


Unavoidable power switch and some paintings :-)


Grinder in action is on the following video: