Turning of smoking pipe.

Utilization of the lathe to making pipe. I start with air shaft.


Drilling mortise for the tenon and turning of the shank.


After change position of the briar block the bowl is turned. Then I start to bore the chamber (only to one third).


To bore the chamber accurate, it is usefull to have feedback of the drill. Insert the rod to the airhole and when it starts to shiver, the chamber meets the airhole at the exact location. At the lathe it is necessary to change over the workpiece and the tool.


The next is stem. The "chimney" is bored and tenon is turned to fit mortice in the shank. In this case I cut off a ring for the stem decoration.

Cut off the ring

This pipe will have a double aluminium rings on the stem. To the piece of Al sheet I bored two holes in the diameter of the tenon. Al rings separated by ebonite ring are glued to the stem.

All pieces together

The final shape was grinded. Alcohol stain was used for the colouring of the pipe.

Final shape

I want a partial rustication on the bowl. I cut it using chisel.


Rusticated part I stained with red stain.


Finished with carnauba wax.


Size of chamber: 18mm x 35mm.


Length: 145mm, weight 45 g.