Great-grandfathers pipe

On the attic I found this treasure:


The pipe belongs to my great-grandfather and so estimated age is about 100 years. Stems do not fit to the pipe. Mouthpieces are also useless. Moreover the windcap is lost. I attempt to renovate this pipe.
I will use one of the original stems. Also I will turn new ebonite mouthpiece and i will need piece of wood to turn the beads.


The stem was turned to cylinrdic shape. From a cork plug the conical jointing was turned.


Originally the mouthpiece was conected to the stem using a thread. Worn-out wooden thread was replaced by the aluminum one.

New thread

Turing of the new vulcanite mouthpiece.

vulcanite turning

Missing windcap was the biggest problem. At last it was quite easy, thanks to friends from the internet.


The windcap doesn't fit to the bowl. It was necessary to adjust the bowl. I used high-speed rotary tool fastened into the stand. The table with the stop secures the cutting depth.


The bowl was cut from the outside and inside as well.


From a piece of briar wood I turned two beads. They are on the ends of the strap with boar bristle.

boar bristle

Pipe description:

  • Wood: briar/hazel
  • Stem: ebonite
  • Length: 285 mm
  • Bowl diameter: 39 mm
  • Chamber diameter: 22 mm
  • Chamber depth: 48 mm
  • Weight: 88g

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