Smoking pipe in L.O.T.R. style.

The pipe in the style of The Lord of the Rings with a long bended stem. The stem is made from a piece of cherry wood with the length of 230 mm. For the drilling an extra long drill is required. I used a drill with diameter 3.5 mm which is 210 mm long.

Wood and drill

Drilling of the long holes is a test of patience.

drilling on lathe

When the airhole was drilled, I turned the shape of the stem. To bend the wood it is necessary to heat it in the steam. For this piece 40 minutes was enaugh. Warmed wood is possible to bend in hands.

Wood bending

After bending the wood must cool down in the mold.

In the mold

On the pipe bowl is hand carved rustication.


Total length: 295 mm, bowl diameter: 30 mm.

LOTR pipe

Weight: 48 grams, bowl diameter: 19mm, depth: 33mm.

LOTR smoking pipe