How I fixed the hinges

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I made a wooden box, which I needed to install the door. I was wondering how to proceed to closing our doors well, pretty doliehali and have the same amount.

Pánt v dreve

I proceeded as follows:
I attached the door to the box in the correct position and ready to recess in the door and I entered the cabinet hinge. As the door is slightly thicker than the sidewall box, I had to adjust the door so much he appointed hinge on the sidewall. Hinges - upper and lower - must be coaxial to open the door ever gave.

kalibrácia podložky

I measured the height of the hinge of the door and the wall cabinets. These values ​​I calculated and subtracted from the result I have a maximum diameter of the hinge. On the circular saw, then I made spacers, which corresponds to the thickness calculation.


Such a pad I put on each hinge. Bottom edge of the door, I stop to brace, clamp attached to the cabinet. On the sidewall of cabinet, I wound the corresponding half of the hinge.


Then I just put a pad on the door. Location is defined by the door sides and the bottom stop. The door assembly in a clamp holds the position.


Now just deploy the second half and screw the hinge to the door.


This procedure I managed to wrap the door just enough for both sides so that when you close and pretty dilehajú are the same height.