Drill Narex EC 513 D


After over twenty years of usage I decide to make restoration of my very first drill machine Narex EC 513. Everything was all right until I replaced front bearing on the armature. The fan, which was very close to the bearing, totaly shattered. So, the drill was postponed as useless.

Drill Narex

It happened in February 2011. Now (November 2012) the circular saw Black&Decker KS 865 has gone. The coil on the armature was short-circuited.


I realised, I can make one good machine from two broken ones. I decided to use the propeller from Black&Decker to repair the Narex drill. And I had a good luck - the fan was little bit larger and hole for the spidle was narrower.
First it was necessary to adjust the rotor. I removed the slot in front of the coils to get the space for new fan.

Rotor Narex

With the propeller it was easy. When secured on the lathe the hole was adjusted for the diameter of the armature spindle.


New hole diameter is about 0,2 mm smaller than the spindle diameter. It allow to set the fan on the spindle by press only.

Narex + Black&Decker

The bearing fitting.

Nasadiť ložisko

Although the new fan has larger diameter still is possible to close the machine. Both motors are high speed so the new fan will work properly.

Zmestil sa.

After the assembling my excelent Narex drill machine runs great.