Mouthpiece sanding accident

While making a saddle shaped mouthpiece for my latest smoking pipe, I managed to sand through to the airhole.

There is a hole...

Because of almost finished ring on the mouthpiece and alredy glued tenon I preferred reparation instead of making it all a new.

In the chuck

I used my mini-lathe. The saddle shaped part was cut off.


On the rest of the mouthpiece was turned the thread with fine pitch.

Threaded end

I drilled and tapped a piece of the ebonite rod. Both pieces were screwed together and glued.
The process took me about 30 minutes and I saved the tenon and grinded ring.

new part

The pipe is 153 mm long, diameter of the bowl is 45 mm. Chamber has 18 x 38 mm. Aluminum rings.

Finished pipe