The pipe with cap - inherited from grand father

There was some pipes in the inheritance from my grandfather. Some of them were intact, the other remained as a header or a mouthpiece. This is the case with this pipe with a cap. I like this pipe and suits me well into widny weather, but without the mouthpiece would be worse. I decided to adapt another mouthpiece to this pipe. I found a good one of my other pipes, but dimensionally very remote. The problem I have dealt with manufacturing the adapter between the pipe and mouthpiece.

fajka a naustok

I used piece of dry (really dry) cherry wood. I used lathe to shape an adapter. First step was to make a cylinder. Second step was drilling the hole through the block. Then after I made tenon joint for connection with the bowl. Finally I shaped the profile of the adapter.


To colour the adapter I used a drwing ink. The best advantage of it was that I have it. (Better will be alcohol stain). For finish the carnauba wax was used.



In the meantime I made new stem from the ebonite.

There was a problem with the new stem, because the tenon joint in cone shape does not keep in the pipe. Moreover the shank of the pipe was cracked. So I decide to replace cone joint by the cylindric one. First step was the reduction in the shank from the cone to cylinder. It is made from cherry wood and is glued into the pipe. Second step was to turn down cone end on the stem to cylider.

But how to clamp bended stem? After some consideration I decide to mill the stem. To mill the stem it was necessary to have a pivot around which is possible turn the stem while milling. Pivot must be the same size like the airhole in the stem. Pivot is fixed at the height of lathe spindle.

Now it is easy. Stem on the pivot turned by hand. Check the diameter of the tenon joint oftentimes to fit well.

Result is satisfying.